About us!

Hi there! We are Lou and Steph, two friends who have a love for all things horror film like.

Imagine … two people’s lives colliding by bumping into each other at a wind orchestra rehearsal and then at church … pretty sure the picture you would get of people who enjoy God, the clarinet, port, cheese, musical theatre, Ramin Karimloo (yes, who?!) and Josh Groban (again, who?!) are some privately educated, middle aged snobs … well we’re kind of, almost there … but not yet! We’re still in our twenties. Although, Lou is getting flipping close to 30 … We also weren’t privately school educated and we like to think we’re not snobs!

It was there our friendship flourished, we were destined to be friends … 6 years ago we lived together for a year. We quickly realized that our love of horror films was the true foundation of our friendship. And a film called Camp Blood helped to cement that (but we’ll talk about that in our Camp Blood review!).

So please, sit back and pretend to enjoy our blogs and reviews about the various horror films we watch! And please let us know your recommendations or thoughts! We would love to hear from you!

Lou and Steph xx